Construction Site Cleaning

Here at N&C’s Sister’s Cleaning we offer construction clean up.

We know that no project is finished until the site is cleaned up.

Our company is insured and bonded. We promise to give your site a deep cleaning. We offer services such as cleaning scuffs off the wall, waxing floors, and even deep scrubbing windows. You can rest assured that your project will look sparkling clean. We will never rush our cleaning, our employees are trained to always be thorough with their cleaning. Our employees use gentle cleaning solutions because we know that harsh chemicals may harm you and the environment.

We hand pick the employees for each job and they’re always personally trained. we make sure every spot that should be cleaned, we take pride in all the small details. Whatever the job may be we are always here to help. We can personalize a specific cleaning plan to cater to your needs. Our cleanup sites include many different options such as retail outlets, apartment complexes, and even just your average home. Commercial or residential we have you covered. We follow all standards set by OSHA and are genuinely excited about what we do.
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